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Despite Anders being friendly and approachable, he may also be quite stubborn and determined which sometimes clashes with his fairly calm manner. Anders is by nature fairly tolerant towards people who, despite reprimands, repeat their mistakes. Therefore, he often enjoys great confidence which is necessary in certain contexts relating to information and instruction. He is quite predictable in a positive sense. Other people feel secure in the knowledge that they know, for the most part, how he will react and what they can expect from him. He usually quickly supports weaker people and may also easily become emotionally involved in other people's situations and problems. Despite a will to belong to the team, Anders also needs a certain degree of autonomy. He is an excellent team player and often has a positive influence on others. He may have a wide circle of acquaintances but probably draws a clear line between friends and acquaintances.


A desire to offer and request sincerity. A structured and a secure long-term environment. Support and service to own team. Being able to speak freely. Listening to others; giving support, advice and suggestions for solutions.

Special valuable qualities

Counselling, negotiating and coordinating. Carries out tested and accepted working patterns. Radiates and creates optimism and harmony. Entertains and involves others. Is thoughtful and careful.

Way of communicating/objecting

Has a receptive and polite manner. Includes others. Expresses himself emotionally. Politely waits despite wanting to speak himself.

Way of working/leading

Injects enthusiasm. Informing. Leading. Reassuring.

Needs/should think of

Pre-analysed facts and tasks are required. Needs introduction to influential people. Material rewards are required. Should think of being more exact in his presentations.


Democratic forms of cooperation. Freedom and opportunity to speak and be acknowledged. Praise as a part of a reward. Appreciation.


Seldom avoids people irrespective of their disposition, but may sometimes be hesitant towards overly quiet people. To be denied as a person and/or because of his competence. Tight timetables. Lack of structure.

Possible limitations

May prioritise conviviality before the facts. May exaggerate prioritisation of the status quo. May be emotional in his conclusions. May have difficulty prioritising at work.

Descriptive words

Autonomous. Dependable. Relaxed. Strong-willed. Accurate. Gentle. Friendly. Considerate. Genuine. Ambitious.